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I have been travel around since I ever remember and I start to write my journey in my journal, manually in my diary. When I finally have my own computer, I start to write a lot of stuff there, but I keep it to myself. I start to write a blog is when I got to introduce to Multiply. Way back then I write almost about everything in one blog and for sure without any structure what so ever, J

I start to separate and organize my journal in my Tumblr blogs and WordPress. Well, after see and research some interesting blog such as,, and others interesting blogs, mostly it talk about travel or culinary, which catch my attention as well.


Well, as I love to learn and explore new thing, I keep improve my writing skill and how to make my blog interesting from the internet or when I meet someone who have the same passion as mine. So, when I hear that some well-known bloggers I follow held TravelNBlog in Wego office, Jakarta, I sign myself right away. I am so glad that I jump in.

The event was inspiring and the speakers are great. The writter of Backpackstory himself, open the event, sharing his insight to write an ordinary moment to a wonderful story. Then to make the story more alive, we learn about how to take a great picture from Wira. Next, this was my favourite since I write more in English then Bahasa, so I learn a lot, from the Indohoy writers, Mumun and Fika. Last but not least, as our story ready to publish, and we hope a lot of people will read it, we learn how to maximize our blog with the SEO, well I try to apply and it work, yeah J

We were not only learn that day, we also got some cute merchandises, tasty lunch and snacks and a bunch of new friends who have the same passion. Well, I hope I can come to TravelNBlog 2 in Bandung, but because one and others thing, I miss it. I really hope they will have it again in the near future. winking to Ibupenyu

Oh, to make this event more exciting, they challange us to write new blog in a week and the winner got cool stuff such as backpack, drybag and a book, too bad I don’t win anything, but I got a voucher instead.


Photo credit: Ibupenyu (

                     Indohoy (


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